東莞市新星有機硅科技有限公司 Dongguan Rising Star Silicone Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, mainly engaged in various silicone rubber buttons, miscellaneous items, protective cover, kitchen utensils, watches, sports bottles, swimming equipment, P + R industrial buttons, silicone paint and other products Development and production in sales, and in 2010 in Dongguan, Guangdong Xiegang self-built industrial park more than 30,000 square meters. The company has a full set of advanced production and testing equipment to meet different customers in various types of products on the process requirements, but also has a number of the same industry ...

Silicone Mold
Product Series: Bottle cover mold, mobile phone set mold, button mold, watch with mold, TPU plastic mold
Silicone keys
Product Series: card machine button, mobile phone keys, Dijiao process keys, two-color keys, printers and copier keys, automotive and industrial equipment keypad, remote control button
Silicone Parts
Product Series: Tablet PC Case, Mobile Phone Case, Seal Ring, Industrial USB Silicone Cypriot, Medical Device Accessories, Watch Band Series, Cake Tray, Pacifier Series
Silicone Products
Product Series: Sports Bottle, Ashtray, Funware, Silicone Wallets, Handbags, Silicone Tableware, Silicone Bracelets, Ring, Infant Bib Series, Swimming Eyes
P + R Button
Product family: P + R button
Plastic Products
Product Series: TPU protective cover and PC protective cover, two-color side keys